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Donald Peterson
N 13th St, Chandler , AZ


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S 33rd Pl, Chandler , AZ

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N 26th Dr, Chandler , AZ

Ocoro Ocoro
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Martin Dianne
W Verde Ln, Chandler , AZ

Nicholas Bohan
W Fairmont Ave, Chandler , AZ

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W Sierra Vista Dr, Chandler , AZ

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Abdul Sayeedi
N 25th St, Chandler , AZ

Nik Mahone
N Rosewood Ave, Chandler , AZ

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michael gourgy
4910 e meadow mist ln, queen creek, az 85240


David Bernardis
N 32nd Dr, Chandler , AZ

Stephen Smith
W Latona Rd, Chandler , AZ

Donna Morin
W Highland Ave, Chandler , AZ



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July 18, 2017
This woman goes by the name of "Jan" and is a lying cunt. I met her on POF and she wanted to go to dinner for our first date (which I never do) but reluctantly I did anyway. I met her at "Maggiano's" italian restaurant on the SW corner of Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale Arizona. After ordering and drinking "EVERYTHING she wanted", and ordering a [to GO order] for a friend of hers (on my tab), she suddenly said she needed to go to the restroom - and never came back!!!!! After waiting 25 minutes I told my waiter [Kenneth] 'I think she walked out on me'. And he said; “man I hate to tell you this, but yes you're assumption is right, I saw her walk out on you, she walked out the front door". He said "I recognized her the minute she came in 'by herself' and said she was meeting a guy for a date. And that he and the bartender had seen her do this little [stunt] four (4) previous other times to men. She’s a “USER” !!!

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