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Search US Phone Owner is a reverse phone number lookup that can be accessed for free. This site is created by you to eliminate callers from nuisance callers, telemarketers or businesses. You can make a note of these callers and help us in making the best reverse phone directory.

If you continue to receive strange calls from an unknown or unlisted phone number, the best solution you have is a reverse phone lookup. Remember some of these calls might come from a prankster and so you need to do something about it to prevent the caller from ruining your normal life and invading your privacy. is one of the best references when it comes to helping people who continue receiving strange calls. With the available look up service, you can quickly track down the location of the caller once you agree to transact with the available service. Within few minutes only, you get the exact information you need and start defeating your worries by determining the possible name, address, email, age, gender and occupation of the person calling you.

Because of the fast development of the internet, many people now are searching for the best solutions whenever they experience unknown or prank calls. At times, they search for information using free public directories. Of course, researching data from these directories is helpful but the information or data are not complete. If you are serious in determining the origin of the exact number who is contacting you, this is the best website to consider. With the help of this dependable reverse look up site, it is easier to stop and trace the caller immediately. Moreover, this website has partnership with other trusted companies that offer the same quality lookup services online.

The Internet can provide anyone complete information that we need daily, like when searching through Bing, Yahoo and Google. By using these search engines, you can quickly find online sites that offer free directories from public databases. Unfortunately, these options may never help you find an unlisted or prank caller. Unlike if you pay minimal amount for an expert phone investigator, you can determine the recent and latest owner of the actual phone number you search. Although there are many options to help you on this type of concern, this is the most dependable website for your reverse phone lookup needs.

Keep in mind that there are different strategies to help you trace various unlisted or strange phone calls today. When visiting, you will definitely learn on how to take advantage of the exact solutions to stop experiencing people who make annoying calls. The offered services likewise adhere to the implement law of the government.

Latest Comments

October 23 1:02 pm
Caller states they are from H&R Block and we need to pick up our tax information. We do not use H&R Block.

July 18 10:33 am
This woman goes by the name of "Jan" and is a lying cunt. I met her on POF and she wanted to go to dinner for our first date (which I never do) but reluctantly I did anyway. I met her at "Maggiano's" italian restaurant on the SW corner of Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale Arizona. After ordering and drinking "EVERYTHING she wanted", and ordering a [to GO order] for a friend of hers (on my tab), she suddenly said she needed to go to the restroom - and never came back!!!!! After waiting 25 minutes I told my waiter [Kenneth] 'I think she walked out on me'. And he said; “man I hate to tell you this, but yes you're assumption is right, I saw her walk out on you, she walked out the front door". He said "I recognized her the minute she came in 'by herself' and said she was meeting a guy for a date. And that he and the bartender had seen her do this little [stunt] four (4) previous other times to men. She’s a “USER” !!!

July 13 4:42 pm
Recieved multiple calls from 7026660222 .Never a message left. I think it is a solar company but I can't verify that assumption

July 8 4:59 pm
Wanting to pay $50 more than my asking price for a pair of blinged out stripper pumps. Only texts once a day between 430-530 a.m. won't answer my questions just said they want them shipped to their cousins house but will pay first.

July 7 5:06 pm
Have my first name my last name phone number and address deleted, removed and opted out from your website page. I never gave your website authority to display my name and information in such a way. Take my information down immediately, this is absurd.


July 6 1:02 am
name and address are incorrect

July 1 5:16 pm
I need the google 6 digit code that was texted

June 28 3:32 pm
I don't know why your website page has my name and information displayed but I want you to immediately have it all removed and deleted right away.

Robert Tsaddyk

June 28 4:58 am
Possible telemarketer/phishing attempt. Claim to have "a no bill arrest warrant for your arrest or they will file suit against you unless you call this number 979-201-5904" Do not call. Do not answer. This is a scam!

June 25 8:18 pm
He just like to chat.. and say that coming.. and then dissapear.. Cheater.

June 11 1:17 pm
This man is a rapist he will blow up ur phone and stalk you when he finally gets in room he will rape u then leave he needs to go to prison!

June 3 10:00 am
7326173897 - Live telemarketer trying to sell home security system. Would not let me interrupt her until I got rude. I asked for my number to be taken off their list but did not get any assurance that it would be done.

May 29 2:26 pm
This phone number is pulling an IRS scam.

May 27 11:32 am
This is an unsafe caller. Stalker and dangerous.

May 26 6:26 am
Dave has a very large penis!

May 22 10:46 pm
SCAM I have never stayed at a resort. This number requested a survey of a resort, and wanted personal information in exchange for a Disneyland stay.

May 20 12:32 pm
Called on a Saturday morning. Did not leave a message.

May 19 7:19 pm
David Andrew. Snodgress

May 18 4:41 pm
Please remove my name from your site immediately...
Someone has been illegally entering my name with phony numbers & addresses. I am the ONLY person with this name spelled this way.
They have me living in Menlo Park, CA which is false as is the phone # listed---- "6504330084".
Please look into this matter & remove the false info connected to my name.
Mariellen Vucich

May 18 2:36 pm