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Search US Phone Owner is a reverse phone number lookup that can be accessed for free. This site is created by you to eliminate callers from nuisance callers, telemarketers or businesses. You can make a note of these callers and help us in making the best reverse phone directory.

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Latest Comments

May 22 10:46 pm
SCAM I have never stayed at a resort. This number requested a survey of a resort, and wanted personal information in exchange for a Disneyland stay.

May 20 12:32 pm
Called on a Saturday morning. Did not leave a message.

May 19 7:19 pm
David Andrew. Snodgress

May 18 4:41 pm
Please remove my name from your site immediately...
Someone has been illegally entering my name with phony numbers & addresses. I am the ONLY person with this name spelled this way.
They have me living in Menlo Park, CA which is false as is the phone # listed---- "6504330084".
Please look into this matter & remove the false info connected to my name.
Mariellen Vucich

May 18 2:36 pm

May 12 5:29 pm
recieved a call, no message or person on the line

April 23 4:33 pm

Robert Tsaddyk

E 80th St, Lubbock , TX


Kindly have my fist name and my last name Delete, Removed and Opted-Out from your website page right away.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

April 20 6:16 pm
This is the office number for Genexus Group, Powered by eXp Realty. Please visit for more information.

April 19 7:29 pm
this is not my phone number any more!

April 3 2:14 pm
Didn't recognize. Didn't answer. Left message.
"Lower your interest rate" blah blah blah

March 24 1:04 pm
Did not answer unknown number and no message left.

March 22 11:23 am
Computer telemarketer recording "Emily" claims I stayed in one of their hotels which is not true.

March 21 4:17 pm
I got a message from this number.

info +1 323-459-5990
the message says "Multimiedia message"

This is very odd. First of all, I do not recognize the # secondly I would never open a multimedia message from someone whom I do not know.

March 16 6:27 pm
This number is listed on a scam website linked to a craiglist scam.

March 16 12:25 pm
I received the text message "Trust in the Lord" from this number on 03/16/2017.

March 9 2:30 pm
No message

March 6 3:28 pm
Credit Card Robo-call

February 28 3:26 pm
It's my number (via Google Voice). Our business name is HPCS Library Services, LLC. We help libraries set up self-checkout equipment, barcode scanners, barcode printers, security systems.

February 21 1:25 pm
Someone from India calling about solar panels. They have called me multiple times from different phone numbers - always sounds like the same guy. When I say I'm not interested he insists that I need listen to him anyway. I do not. I have asked them to remove my number multiple times, but they just call from a different phone # the next time. He hung up on me today when I told him I'm not listening to his pitch, I'm not interested in their panels and I don't have time to deal with anymore of their calls. Hopefully they will finally stop calling!

February 20 1:54 pm
Pay pal scammer willing to pay higher amount for shoes...HUH???? never answered my questions..texted in broken english ....