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Search US Phone Owner is a reverse phone number lookup that can be accessed for free. This site is created by you to eliminate callers from nuisance callers, telemarketers or businesses. You can make a note of these callers and help us in making the best reverse phone directory.

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Latest Comments

January 22 12:37 am
called 1:30am

January 20 3:41 pm
It all fraund! This man is nothing scam.

January 18 1:03 pm
When I answered the phone, the man asked if this was Pamela. I said yes. He immediately hung up!

January 17 2:53 pm
called at 2:45 pm est,twice,and hung up. Nogales Az is where the call originated from

January 17 1:13 pm
I got a call this morning saying the same info as everyone above. Couldn't get him off the phone. I told him I had a tech guy that I would let him check my computer. He then told me that my tech guy wouldn't be able to see or find it on my computer. I ask how I didn't know that he wasn't a hacker he started all over again with the same story. I had to hang up in him.

January 17 12:42 pm
I got a call saying I was getting malicious email sent to my computer and "he" would help me resolve the issue. Of course that has not been the case. I normally do not answer calls when I do not recognize the number but this time I did since I have been getting a lot of calls with numbers I did not know. I asked him what company he worked for but he would not give a name just that he worked for a company that helped resolve issues with many computers: Macs, Linux, Windows, etc. I told him I have not been receiving any such emails and to stop calling me. He kept insisting and even rattled off my email address. I told him he needed to stop calling me, I had no issues and didn't wan or need any computer support which was when he hung up on me.

January 17 12:35 pm
I watch Microsoft tech scam videos on YouTube all the time. This guy wasn't even good. He said I was downloading bad files from my computer. I have kali Linux...He hung up too soon or I would of had a lot of fun.

January 16 2:45 pm
Telemarketer offering Disney vacation package.

January 16 2:36 pm
Scam.... first time it's about warranty... but if you try to call it back it says survey

January 16 1:04 pm
Warranty services scam

January 13 3:36 pm
mckenny kinzer

January 11 10:17 pm
Scam artist took several hundreds of dollars from my friend

January 11 5:22 pm
This number called my 88 year old mother in Florida and claimed that they were the legal aid society and said that my son (her grandson was in a car accident) and asked her to send them money for his legal defense. Obviously, this is a scam. They prey upon old people and they should burn in hell for that.

January 8 5:24 pm
I got a message that was probably misdialed. It said, "I'm outside anytime you're ready."


January 8 9:12 am
I though this phone number is from india LOL , I just realized it's a phone number in US.

Is there any site in India that provide reverse phone lookup service? I prefer free if there is.

Thank you in advance....

December 30 9:19 am

December 29 10:08 pm
Got a call from this number. I did not answer. Then I called back and got a voice greeting by someone named Carla.
Maybe it was just a wrong number

December 28 5:22 pm
Calls a couple times a week no message, hangs up when you answer

December 21 10:57 pm
I own this number and I have owned it for approximately 23 years and yet I STILL get calls for Meadows race track stable gates. I really do not know why because it has never been their number yet somewhere it's listed as their number. I have never found where it is listed so if anyone knows where, please message me here so I can finally get it changed. By the way Leap doesn't own it and it is in Washington county so all the info on here is wrong.

December 21 8:01 pm
Yea, an I called it back an it was Verizon recorded,saying this # has been discounted or no longer in service,if you feel you reached an error please try your call again