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Search US Phone Owner is a reverse phone number lookup that can be accessed for free. This site is created by you to eliminate callers from nuisance callers, telemarketers or businesses. You can make a note of these callers and help us in making the best reverse phone directory.

If you continue to receive strange calls from an unknown or unlisted phone number, the best solution you have is a reverse phone lookup. Remember some of these calls might come from a prankster and so you need to do something about it to prevent the caller from ruining your normal life and invading your privacy. is one of the best references when it comes to helping people who continue receiving strange calls. With the available look up service, you can quickly track down the location of the caller once you agree to transact with the available service. Within few minutes only, you get the exact information you need and start defeating your worries by determining the possible name, address, email, age, gender and occupation of the person calling you.

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Latest Comments

December 8 12:20 pm
called left no messege

December 5 7:13 am
The person have told his name akshay and was calling me late in night and was misbehaving over the call.

December 2 2:20 pm
I got a call on my cell phone today from 423-933-1708. I let it go to my message message was left. II'M REGISTERED WITH THE "DO NOT CALL" SERVICE. WHY ISN't that making a difference???

November 28 12:22 pm
this number called me and asked me if i was employed by my prior employer, when i said no, she stated "oh thats weird, thank you" and hung up on me. I called the number back and it was a verizon wireless number that was no longer in service. how is it possible that a number is no longer in service when they just called 5 mins earlier.

November 26 7:15 am
Friend is receiving threatening texts from this #.

November 24 3:56 pm
my business was searching for IRS 1041 - Schedule D last year and was informed about a document management site with a lot of sample forms . If you require IRS 1041 - Schedule D also , here's a

November 17 5:58 pm
This phone number called twice already today, and it is only 2pm afternoon. I called the number back using an unregistered phone, and the first outgoing message stated that this number is no longer in service and has been disconnected. But, I thought it was fishywhen once the message ended, as I hung on, there was no hangup, and I could hear background sounds. So I repeatedly called, and there was a different outgoing message that I got on the third try. This time it was someone saying that they would get back to me, or if I wanted to be added to a do-not-call list, press 1. I pressed 1, and the outgoing message said thank you. Now, recall that I said I had called back using an unregistered phone. How is it going to add a null number to a list? This is a scam! Whomever it is behind the number is going to great lengths to obscure their identity, using hijacked recordings from other organizations. I say again: SCAM!

November 17 12:57 pm
Called and said was from a claims department suggesting that I had won or was to receive something, but would not give his name and hung up when I asked for his direct number to call back.

November 15 8:29 pm
HIS NAME IS Edward L Rodriguez. Also know as Eddie. He is a creeper. Be aware. Complete stalker.

November 9 12:28 pm
I am receiving numerous calls from this number and many others with different area codes but same recording stating it's a radio station offering a prize. Have blocked over a dozen of these calls.

November 5 11:06 am
Texted me asking if I knew what hospital Brittany will be at this morning....

Dont know the number, dont know any Btittany...

November 3 5:05 pm
Called twice and left no message. When I called the number it is disconnected.

October 26 1:30 pm
This person calls every day, but never says anything when you pick up the phone.

October 24 8:52 pm
The number calls at all times of the day and does not leave a message. I received a call at 11:30pm last night. Twice today and three time yesterday 10/23/2016. I will not call the number with all the scams out there that put you on hold and then charge your phone bill.

October 19 5:23 pm
claim to be a music station, but calls my cell number twice a day.

October 19 3:24 pm
Phishing text to my cell number with link to fake iCloud login

October 19 3:03 am
It's a miss call.. Im from malaysia.. I don't think is a wise idea to pick up oversea phone..

October 17 6:52 pm
Spammer. The first time he called, I answered and he claimed that he had 2 hang-up calls from my number on his phone. Not true, I don't know him. He called 2 more times 2 days later and hung up before I answered. He did not identify himself during the first call.

October 17 1:46 pm
They ask if you have a microsoft windows computer. Definitely a SCAM.

October 17 1:13 pm
It's a scam!!!