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Search US Phone Owner is a reverse phone number lookup that can be accessed for free. This site is created by you to eliminate callers from nuisance callers, telemarketers or businesses. You can make a note of these callers and help us in making the best reverse phone directory.

If you continue to receive strange calls from an unknown or unlisted phone number, the best solution you have is a reverse phone lookup. Remember some of these calls might come from a prankster and so you need to do something about it to prevent the caller from ruining your normal life and invading your privacy. is one of the best references when it comes to helping people who continue receiving strange calls. With the available look up service, you can quickly track down the location of the caller once you agree to transact with the available service. Within few minutes only, you get the exact information you need and start defeating your worries by determining the possible name, address, email, age, gender and occupation of the person calling you.

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Latest Comments

August 7 3:06 am
According the Better Business Bureaus website, if you request that a company stop calling you by telephone, they have to comply. If not, you can file a complaint with the BBB and they will resolve. All this can be done from their website.

August 29 2:35 am
I get this call from time to time the number 0 I just ignore it as annoying as it is I have several Opinions on what it could possibly be but truth be known no one really knows heres one of many possibilities it could be the government calling to collect info meaning active numbers or even that when you answer it somehow triggers something they can find out your every move with all the distraction and all the hoax with the government and its entirety and scammers that could even be in on it with the government who knows i recently heard this from someone a friend just got saved in church and started receiving these calls and well when I got back from a mens retreat at church that number started coming through my phone take it for what its worth but it is something more than we know I do believe and I refuse to answer and wont I dont answer numbers I dont know of anyway so lol the bottom line is the world is falling apart and for those who believe in Christ I think have a pretty good idea on what im talking about we are in the last days if you read revelations along with Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John if your not a believer I think you just might reconsider your belief. Ill leave you all with this Leave the number alone just let it do its thing dont pick up its annoying I know but something is behind that number this I do believe God Bless you all God Save America And God Bless Jerusalem The Holy Land and the Jews

August 7 7:31 am
I left Linda approximately 30 messages. Some included long silences ending in me saying Goodbye in various strange voices. In one I read a Disney World ad that just happened to pop up on my computer, and in another i recommended that she goes bear hunting at the zoo. There are many more but I think you get the picture. Thank you for the number. It was quite amusing, and seeing as shes running a business she will have to listen to all of them because she doesnt know if theyre all prank calls :)

July 26 6:51 am
I have Verizon. I answered. The person said he was with the US Medical Department and was calling about my medical claim. When I told him that I wasnt receiving any medical claim and had none pending, he proceeded to say You are a [***]! A big [***]!. I could not understand him as his English was very broken. I dont even know how to go about reporting this,

August 21 4:08 pm
Ah- ha I also received a call this morning answering my craiglist ad.Then I text back and said Lets Talk, then nothing.I will beware

August 7 4:05 pm
person texted and is stalkerish , works at the hospital but won't say who they are

July 1 8:30 am
They actually called my sister, saying that county officials are gonna go over to (address) on behalf of me and to call them for a very important message. After doing some research, I concluded that this is a total scam (why would the county be using an 888 #?). Never answer unknown numbers or call them back. If anything is official and they know your address, they would at least send you a legit letter.

July 19 7:17 am
This number called and I didnt answer but when I called back it said the voice mail box was full.

July 26 7:56 pm
There was a message on my answering machine that the irs has taken a law suit against me and I called the number and its a BIG SCAM

July 28 1:22 pm
I, as well as many thousands of others, have registered the Do Not Call list with the government. It does not work because i, and the many others, still get the calls. I just got one this afternoon from the 000-000-0 number. The Do Not Call list does not work for most of us but Im glad it works for you.

August 14 5:08 pm
called me a few times over the course of a few days. no answer. when i call it just drops the call. how can we report this number?

August 21 3:57 pm
I hve paid my bill through that number several times before. Verizon has my bank account information on file. I called the number and they just wnted my authorization to debit my account for about half the past due amount and i just gave authorization and no personal information. I have done this many times before and there was no problem. You have to enter in your phone number so you may have enntered thee wrong number in. This number is legitimate. If you are not sure call Verizon customer service.

August 20 1:11 am
my husband did the same thing. Even gave them our credit card number to fix what they had screwed up. Thankfully our credit card people realized it was a scam and would not let the charge go through. I cancelled the card and got a new one. Told my husband for the umpteenth time to never ever give our info to anyone!!!

August 12 6:40 pm
Just got a hangup call. Another diabetic supply/pain cream scam! CID says FORT MYERS FL.

July 29 7:49 pm
Another note here from a would be victim of Card Processing Services. They called me today, were very rude to our receptionist, misrepresented themselves to me and were generally liars. Avoid these guys like the plague.

July 7 12:27 pm
Keeps calling no message?

July 27 5:12 am
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August 29 11:55 pm
I said hello 3 times and didnt hear anything then I sat and waiting then the guy said hello, hello and pushed mute after he was done talking every time.. then went on to say he was calling from and I was aproved for $1000.00 and if I want to get my money today.. I hung up

July 22 3:09 am
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July 6 12:28 am
I blocked this number before