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Search US Phone Owner is a reverse phone number lookup that can be accessed for free. This site is created by you to eliminate callers from nuisance callers, telemarketers or businesses. You can make a note of these callers and help us in making the best reverse phone directory.

If you continue to receive strange calls from an unknown or unlisted phone number, the best solution you have is a reverse phone lookup. Remember some of these calls might come from a prankster and so you need to do something about it to prevent the caller from ruining your normal life and invading your privacy. is one of the best references when it comes to helping people who continue receiving strange calls. With the available look up service, you can quickly track down the location of the caller once you agree to transact with the available service. Within few minutes only, you get the exact information you need and start defeating your worries by determining the possible name, address, email, age, gender and occupation of the person calling you.

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Latest Comments

October 24 8:52 pm
The number calls at all times of the day and does not leave a message. I received a call at 11:30pm last night. Twice today and three time yesterday 10/23/2016. I will not call the number with all the scams out there that put you on hold and then charge your phone bill.

October 19 5:23 pm
claim to be a music station, but calls my cell number twice a day.

October 19 3:24 pm
Phishing text to my cell number with link to fake iCloud login

October 19 3:03 am
It's a miss call.. Im from malaysia.. I don't think is a wise idea to pick up oversea phone..

October 17 6:52 pm
Spammer. The first time he called, I answered and he claimed that he had 2 hang-up calls from my number on his phone. Not true, I don't know him. He called 2 more times 2 days later and hung up before I answered. He did not identify himself during the first call.

October 17 1:46 pm
They ask if you have a microsoft windows computer. Definitely a SCAM.

October 17 1:13 pm
It's a scam!!!

October 15 1:23 pm
This girl called me and said wrong number. She sounded hot. Apollo wants in her pants.
Like being a fuckboy is hard when you have no more girls cri
kiddies add me on skype too
home of quality apollo experience bb

October 9 7:15 pm
TACS is not a valid company to collect debt. They are scammers that have been harassing me for months. Now I am exposing them on youtube and they will not provide me information such as a validation letter, professional license number or their physical mailing address. Do not pay them anything. The link to my video is below. If the link does not work then when on youtube search Ryansquared TACS Cornerstone Partners Payday Loan Scam Exposed Part 2. Do not pay them anything.

October 5 4:16 pm
A message was left on our home phone telling us there were 4 warrants for our arrest, at any time, officials may come to our house to make the arrest. But if we call this number they could help us. If not, Good Luck with our arrests. *It was an automated call with a womanlike computer voice.

October 3 3:57 pm
Received 2 calls for this number today. Caller identified himself as Paul and said he was with Vacation International. I told him I was registering this number with FTC.

October 2 7:41 pm
Personal phone

September 30 10:23 pm
Looks like spam. Asked me if i want to do something this weekend. I have no clue who it is.

September 28 9:18 pm
called my cell, no one there.

September 28 3:08 pm
Scam - robocall selling life insurance.

September 27 7:00 pm
plain annoying phone calls every day thinking i'll answer cuz the first 6 digs match mine

September 27 12:31 pm
This number is on a mailer I recieved with the name Sgt. Wallace Lawn Service. They are supposedly licensed, but a Google search didn't show anything.

September 23 5:15 pm

September 22 5:37 pm
Some broad left a message claiming to be my "aunt liz" this silly trumpet didn't even know my name. Bye felicia

September 22 11:01 am
Two calls within an hour; message from both was to call back that number. Scam.